Physiotherapist becomes NICE fellow

A physiotherapist has been awarded a fellowship by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence(NICE), in recognition of her work to improve care in local and professional communities.

Dr Angela Green, who is the lead clinical research therapist at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, received the honour as part of a drive by NICE to recruit healthcare professionals to its annual Fellows and Scholars Programme.

‘I am thrilled to have been awarded the fellowship and feel privileged to have this opportunity to gain a more in depth understanding of the different functions of NICE,’ said Dr Green.

‘Within the Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire region, I am hoping to use my links with NICE to increase alignment of rehabilitation pathways with best available evidence, and would like to develop or publicise existing educational materials which will enable allied health professionals  to become more familiar with the various NICE implementation tools.’

Dr Green is currently responsible for co-ordinating research and clinical governance activities for various therapy services within her trust, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and orthotic and prosthetic services.

She also works with therapy staff to ensure that services are effective, efficient and of the highest possible quality.

Fellows and scholars who represent NICE are given the opportunity to undertake projects that are designed to improve the delivery of care or evidence-based practice.

Dr Green is the only physiotherapist to be awarded a NICE fellowship this year.

Dr Nicholas Harland was awarded a fellowship in 2010 and is in post until 2013. Rebecca Kearney was awarded a 12-month scholarship in 2010.

Robert Millett

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