Paediatric physio designs chair to reduce teachers’ injuries

Paediatric physiotherapist Lorna Taylor is getting down to business to fight the scourge of back pain in nursery and primary schools.

She has designed a special chair to help teachers who may risk injury by working with young children at their height level. Lorna Taylor is lead practitioner with Children First Physiotherapy and works with schools in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire on back pain initiatives. She said teaching staff in early years and primary schools were particularly prone to back, neck, hip and knee pain. Teachers often worked at low  tables or sitting  on small chairs which were inappropriate for them, she said.  Lorna Taylor told Frontline: ‘All the pre-school staff we have come across have problems, and around half the primary school staff.’ She suggested the issue might be under-reported because many staff regarded it as simply part of the job and something they had to put up with. ‘After not being able to identify an alternative low seat for adults, I set about designing one.’ She consulted with frontline staff and developed a height-adjustable chair which she says has features designed to aid good posture and reduce the risk of injury. Several schools had shown an interest in the Jolly Back Chair, she said. Lorna Taylor is a professional member of the charity BackCare. She has written and developed an adolescent back pain prevention programme, which she has been delivering to schools as part of the ‘Healthy Backs’ school education initiative. 

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