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A physiotherapy student has been involved in setting up what is believed to be the first student journal for both healthcare and medical undergraduates.

The quarterly London Student Journal of Medicine was launched last month and is produced by and for students at the London medical schools. However, it is open to all healthcare and medical undergraduates in the UK and abroad as a platform to get their work published. Charlotte Spelman, a third year physiotherapy student at St George’s University of London, said she hoped the journal would be good preparation for physiotherapists in developing research publishing skills. ‘It will help us become familiar with the publishing process and how research is selected, as well as increasing our repertoire and employability’, she said. The articles could be anything from course work to areas of interest, but would be selected through a peer review process before going to expert review panels, she added. There are six sections of the journal under which articles can be submitted: medicine, surgery, psychiatry, health law and ethics, global and community health, and careers. The journal team is also looking for expert reviewers. Ms Spelman said qualified physiotherapists, in particular, were needed to ensure physiotherapy research was well represented in the journal. ‘We currently have a lot of doctors on our database, but not so many for the other healthcare professions, including physios. I am keen for the number of physios involved to increase because I think they have a unique knowledge base which could be very beneficial to the functioning of this journal,’ said Ms Spelman. Further information
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