‘Little and often’can bring success to new year fitness drives, says CSP

Ambitious pledges to take more exercise in the new year have often petered out by the first days of February, according to a survey from the CSP and Arthritis Research UK.

The findings show that one person in three (34 per cent) in the UK who embarked on a fitness drive in January 2012 had stopped or reduced their exercise by the following month.

Many respondents said they lost interest (37 per cent) or lacked time (33 per cent), while the rest blamed the cold weather.

The CSP and Arthritis Research UK unveiled 10 ‘top tips’ to keep people motivated.

These include selecting fun activities, such as dancing, swimming or cycling, and exercising in three 10-minute sessions each day rather than in one 30-minute block.

Physiotherapist Sammy Margo said: ‘Physios recommend that exercising little and often is the best way to start an exercise regime.

We want people to enjoy their new activity, not suffer an injury that makes them give up.’

Alan Silman, medical director of Arthritis UK, said he was concerned that one respondent in 10 said they would exercise less if they were diagnosed with arthritis.

‘Losing even a small amount of weight can make a big difference to the strain on your weight-bearing joints,’ Mr Silman said.

For more information on the findings, visit: www.csp.org.uk/leaflets

Ian A McMillan

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