Introducing the new ‘find my rep’ feature!

‘How can I find my workplace rep?’. Jim Fahie, CSP assistant director of employment relations explains

Jim Fahie
Jim Fahie CSP assistant director of employment relations 

With our new ‘Find my rep’ feature, the CSP has launched a new online tool that allows you to access the name and contact email of your workplace rep more easily.

Login here or access via your member profile. However, the tool is only effective if your employer and workplace details are up to date.

If you do not enter any employer, you will not see any workplace rep. If you don’t update your employer name when you change employer, you’ll see the details of a rep who won’t be able to help you as they are not your rep.

You can update employer details in the member profile section.

The new system will be more convenient for members and also hopefully ensure that more members’ employer details are kept up to date. This will:

  • Make it easier for reps to contact members on issues that matter to them, including informing them of CSP campaigns, support and opportunities to get active in the CSP and promote physiotherapy. The better members are informed, the more they are involved, the stronger the CSP is and the stronger the physiotherapy profession is.
  • Make us more ready as an organisation should we need to conduct a future industrial action ballot, avoiding potential legal issues.
  • Save significant staff time, allowing the CSP to make the best use of your membership subs to support you at work, and enable you to fulfil your potential as a physio, support worker or student.

Members can still contact CSP enquiries to find out who your rep is and obtain their email. Call 0207 306 6666 or email

Advice for workplace reps

You can change the contact email used by CSP staff and members to contact you on the website via your member profile.

Before launching the tool, CSP staff did a data cleanse exercise to try and ensure only active reps and correct emails addresses remained. We encourage reps to check those details now, and to change them directly on the website when their email changes on an ongoing basis.

CSP staff will continue to upload name and contact details of new stewards and remove resigned reps. However, while you are acting as an accredited rep we will be relying on you to make any necessary changes to your preferred contact email for rep duties.

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