Improving staff physical and mental fitness

Physio Sohil Jangra has come up with a way to support his colleagues' wellbeing

Sohil Jangra is therapy department manager at Highfield House nursing home in Croydon

I work in a nursing home, where 45 complex neurology patients are cared for.  

Some external healthcare professionals call us ‘Community ITU’.  

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, work has been even more challenging and stressful.  

Some of us are spending the majority of our day at work. When do we get time to look after ourselves? Often there is no time to exercise. Nurses, carers, therapists work longshifts, with all this PPE. Keeping the full kit on for a long hour itself is very exhausting, and its positioning is awkward while treating the patients. 

I feel proud working with such amazingly talented, hardworking, and caring colleagues, who have all kept going during this pandemic. 

Being a physiotherapist and team lead, I feel, as well as looking after patients, looking after my colleagues is my responsibility.  

I thought exercising with everyone would probably help boost morale, reduce stress, and keep fit as well.  

I have been practising this exercise programme since 2014, in various teams, including some NHS trusts. It is called WOW (workout at work). 

The idea is to do a set number of exercises, which only take 10-15 minutes, every day.  

The exercises are a combination of stretches, cardio and strengthening.  

They are simple and easy to do in our workwear.  

The aim is to look after everyone’s physical and mental health wellbeing. 

We often talk about wellbeing of patients, which should be prime, I agree, but there should be some time spent on staff too. 

If staff are not fit enough how are they going to look after patients? 

I feel that healthy staff = happy  staff = reduced sickness = better patient care.

  • Sohil Jangra manages the therapy department at the Highfield House nursing home in Croydon

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