‘How can I inform the CSP’s evidence to the UK Covid-19 Inquiry?’

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Jim Fahie is a CSP assistant director
Jim Fahie CSP assistant director

What is the inquiry?

The independent UK Covid-19 Inquiry covers all four countries. It is examining the UK’s response to – and impact of – the Covid-19 pandemic, and learning lessons for the future. The CSP has core participant status working with the Trades Union Congress (TUC). So, we can input directly into the inquiry, and we may get witnesses called to give testimony. 

There’s also a parallel inquiry covering decision-making in Scotland.

How can members get involved?

All members can tell the inquiries directly about your experiences through the UK-wide Every Story Matters and the Scottish Get Involved listening exercises. Those stories will all be read, themes taken down, and fed into the inquiries.

In addition, in conversation with the TUC, we have identified several key lines of investigation where we feel our members are uniquely positioned to provide evidence. 

Here, we want to hear your stories to inform the evidence the CSP is preparing. 

What are these key lines of investigation?

Did you have problems with personal protective equipment (PPE)? Were you wearing bin bags? Or asked to reuse single use items? Were you fit-tested? Were you working in the private sector and unable to get hold of PPE, or not able to access enough of it?

We want to hear about personal risk assessment. Are you a Black, Asian or minority ethnic member working for the NHS? Did you have to shield? Where you classed as clinically vulnerable? Or pregnant during the pandemic? If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these, then you should have had an individual risk assessment carried out by your employer. We want to know how that was. Were you supported or did you feel let down and had to fight tooth and nail? 

We also want to hear about members’ involvement in vaccine rollout: what went well? What didn’t? And if you had the vaccine, did you have an adverse reaction?

On the above, we want to hear about the good and the bad. 

Visit The UK Covid-19 Inquiry here and click ‘have your say’ to tell us your experiences directly.

When should I do this?

We’re working at pace on our evidence. We cannot advise a firm deadline, but urge you to contribute as soon as possible. Visit our Covid inquiry hub for information about the inquiry and CSP contributions to-date, see opportunities to put in evidence, and to access support and resources from the CSP. 


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