Hip Sprint in numbers

Hip Sprint local is the CSP’s project aimed at helping members implement hip fracture standards into their work

Hip Sprint in numbers

Here’s some facts and figures about the programme.

  • 7 CSP standards
  • 11 hubs – 230 participants*
  • 10 events – 168 delegates*
  • 2 professional networks collaborate with the CSP in Hip Sprint Local (ATOCP and AGILE)
  • 177 acute trusts in England and Wales participate in the National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD)
  • 90% of acute trusts have a registered physio as part of their hip fracture governance teams
  • 30% of acute trusts ensure patients with hip fracture are seen by a registered physio by the day after surgery
  • 39% of acute trusts provide physiotherapy-led rehab of hip fracture over full seven day services
  • Hip Sprint 1 in 2017 was the largest audit of UK physiotherapy practice 580 physios took part in Hip Sprint 1 – collecting data on 7,000+ hip fracture patients

Did you know?

  • Hip fracture is the most common fragility fracture
  • Weekend hip fracture rehabilitation sessions are shorter than weekday sessions and involve fewer staff
  • Hip fracture costs the NHS £2bn per year
  • 6.7% of people will die within 30 days of having a hip fracture
  • 2/3 of people return home to their original place of residence by 120 days after hip fracture
  • 68% of patients on average get up out of bed on the first day after hip fracture surgery
  • 9.4% of patients can’t get out of bed after surgery because of poor pain control or low blood pressure


*number as at 18 November

Number of subscribers: 2

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