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A recent event reinforced Karen Middleton’s belief in the value of support workers 

Getting it right CSP CEO Karen Middleton

I recently attended our first dedicated event for associates and support workers, organised by the CSP’s south east coast regional network. It was an impressive turnout with more than 100 associates, support workers and their managers, meeting with a shared commitment to invest in and support the entire physiotherapy workforce.

I was delighted to be able to speak at the event and convey the importance and value of CSP membership in enabling support workers to fulfil their potential in terms of the contribution they make to transforming care. 

There was a powerful moment for me when all the managers in the room were asked to stand and then asked to remain standing if they thought they’d be able to deliver a safe service to patients tomorrow if they lost their support workers today. Not one manager was left standing.

And yet how much attention is given to supporting this crucial part of the workforce in continuing their professional development?

There are exciting times ahead with a wealth of opportunities for support workers, which the CSP will support every step of the way. There is much said about the healthcare workforce that is needed for the future and we see the need to develop the whole physiotherapy workforce to respond.

The event really demonstrated how we are stronger together, and I could feel that in the atmosphere of energy and excitement to embrace the future. Many myths were busted, including what can and cannot be delegated to support workers. Did you know that only four tasks cannot be delegated? They are: prescribing, delivering a baby, death certification, and making a referral that involves radiation.

We made clear our commitment to ensuring members are supported to understand the principles behind safe decisions to delegate and accept delegation: robust governance arrangements, good clinical reasoning and the support worker’s level of competence. 

We now have a dedicated web hub for associate members who are support workers. This was created in response to feedback from associate members and I’m pleased my team could respond.

I urge all members to encourage support worker colleagues to join the CSP so that they can immediately start to benefit from our professional community. 

Please direct them to our website to see for themselves.

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