Getting rehab spaces back

Inspired by the #RightToRehab campaign to prevent deconditioning, a therapy team has reclaimed dayroom space

Ami Cook is a physio at HCRG Care Group’s Paulton Community Hospital
Ami Cook is a physio at HCRG Care Group’s Paulton Community Hospital

Dayrooms are a fundamental aspect of a hospital setting, allowing for a holistic approach to a patient’s rehabilitation journey. They allow patients to be away from their hospital bed and encourage activity by mobilising to and from. Understanding the importance of a dayroom, we focused on re-vamping the space, converting the old storage area in to a functional and inviting space for patients to use. We aimed to design and implement a dayroom which supported the patients’ physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

Patient and staff feedback was gathered to support a proposal that was presented to the League of Friends, who kindly funded the project. Our own fundraising efforts were also used to help create the finished product.

Inspired by the Right to Rehab campaign Last word FL March 2024
Room inspired by the #right to rehab campaign

After six months of hard work, we now have a brand new space for patients to utilise during their inpatient stay. The room is now divided into three areas including an exercise corner, for exercise groups and individual therapy sessions. 

Secondly, we have created a cosy reminiscence corner which includes a feature wall, comfortable seating, and items such as a 1950s TV with a test card screen. 

Lastly, we have a social dining area that has foldable tables, differing height chairs, a smart TV, and a piano. 

The dayroom project has been successful in re-claiming rehabilitation space back and all of our patients are encouraged to use the dayroom to prevent hospital acquired deconditioning. 

The new dayroom, which promotes rehabilitation, will benefit patients and visitors for years to come. 

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