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Welcome to Frontline, with special contributions from our students and recent graduates

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Emma Gunn, MPhys physiotherapy student at Robert Gordon University and Scottish officer and co-chair of the CSP’s SRG

Welcome to the New Year! I feel thrilled to introduce you all to this month’s student-focused Frontline. Here you’ll find much to interest you, whether you are studying or are interested in hearing student perspectives.

I chose physiotherapy to combine my passions in science, sport and healthcare. However, this month’s issue features the journeys of members who come from different or surprising backgrounds as well as those taking alternative entry routes into physiotherapy.

Throughout these pages, you’ll find CSP resources to help with career planning such as the mentoring service, which is open to all members. Speaking of the wider profession, a massive thank you to all healthcare support workers as they deserve our recognition for their ongoing empowerment within patient care.  

Student mental health has suffered a blow throughout this pandemic so it’s never been more important to be educated on this topic in order to support one another. This issue’s infographic on developing the resilience to maintain your mental health is a must read. 

While Jenny Valerie Motlaleselelo, one of the equity, diversity and belonging officers on the CSP Student Reference Group, discusses the importance of addressing health inequalities in shaping practice for both students and qualified members.

The likelihood of graduating during a pandemic keeps increasing for many students. Which is why I also recommend reading the experiences of a recent graduate adjusting to the changes of our profession.

Lastly, CSP chief executive Karen Middleton wishes she could reassure her past, student-self that her abilities will positively impact her career. Karen’s words are so relevant to those who doubt their skills. 

My advice would be to seek out new opportunities and ways to prove to yourself, so that you can have an impact regardless of your role within the physiotherapy profession. 

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