Expert input required

The CSP wants members with relevant interest and experience to help take forward its discussions on two key areas - information management and technology, and physiotherapy prescribing.

The CSP informatics group meets on 24 April to look at current policy, as well as developments in areas such as electronic patient records, access to IT systems and national initiatives such as Connecting for Health. If you are leading or developing health informatics systems or processes, then the Society encourages you to attend the meeting and/or share your expertise. In particular, if you are involved in a Connecting for Health regional cluster or have experience of developing and using an electronic patient record or developing a therapy dataset for use with any new electronic record system, we want to hear from you.  The CSP prescribing steering group meets on 10 May to look at how the current prescribing policy affects physiotherapy and at possible future developments. If you use patient group directions or are working towards supplementary prescribing and have experience how they impact on practice then, again, please let us know. Have these initiatives enhanced practice? Are there benefits for the patient and their experience of healthcare provision? Have the policies gone far enough to enhance patient care? The Society is looking for informed views on these key questions. FURTHER INFORMATION If you can contribute to either group, please email CSP member networks and relations director Sue Hayward-Giles at giving full contact details and a brief paragraph on your current work in the relevant area

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