Editor's comment: sowing seeds for emotional healing

I wasn’t the best mental health nurse

Too often I felt ill-equipped to cope with the challenges before me and was unable to do more than offer pills and platitudes rather than life-changing support. Eventually I bailed out and retrained as a journalist where I felt I would, probably, cause less harm.

But my admiration for those who excel at supporting people in emotional distress remains undimmed. There is, I think, an assuredness about them, a calmness that can sow the seed for healing.

I get that feeling about Brendon Stubbs, featured here as our cover story for this issue. Brendon is head of physiotherapy at one of the UK’s biggest mental health trusts. I think if I were a patient there I would feel he was committed to restoring me as person rather than simply easing my symptoms.

In the same vein, Jenny Alexanders’ comments about therapeutic rapport between physios and patients struck a chord. Jenny is interested in the role of psychology in patients’ recovery, an aspect that, I imagine, can easily be sidelined when the queue at the clinic door is growing by the minute.

It’s World Mental Health Day on 10 October, a chance perhaps to reflect on the holistic aspects of good physiotherapy practice – and, of course, for each of us to take stock of our own psychological wellbeing.

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