Editor's comment: physio excellence

This will be my last editorial for Frontline. Seven years into my tenure at CSP, it’s time to move on – and nowhere more exciting than to Nursing Standard.

As with all jobs, I leave knowing there are many things to be proud of, such as introducing the CPD column and Physiofindings. (There are also a few things I wish I’d done differently!)
It’s been a real privilege to gain a better insight into the wonderful work physios do. Unlike nurses, the role of physios is less well understood by the public.
Physios’ role in rehab, for example, is crucial. I remember a visit to a community rehab team in Oxfordshire whose unsung interventions, as part of a multidisciplinary team, gave patients the confidence to manage in their own homes. So, when we hear in the media about the problems of the NHS, let’s not forget the excellent care that so many patients get. 
Caring is about so much more than just giving a treatment. My father recently attended a regular outpatient appointment at his community hospital. It was on his 91st birthday. The staff really went the extra mile: they lined up in the waiting room when he arrived and sang him ‘Happy birthday’.  
Was this cost effective? An appropriate use of their time? I’d say yes: it made him feel a person again, not just a patient. 
So many of you go beyond the call of duty. That level of commitment has made editing Frontline so rewarding. Thank you for all you do! 
  • Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications 
Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications

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