Editor's comment: fantastic physio staff need fair pay!

Once more Frontline highlights all that’s best about physiotherapy, writes managing editor Lynn Eaton.

In this issue, our article from Yeovil, Somerset, for example, shows how intensive rehab in a residential care home environment is helping people get back on their feet again, before returning home.
We also highlight how members can support the latest pay claim – a public sector-wide bid for a 3.9 per cent rise plus an £800 across-the-board increase. 
Is it right, when patients are struggling with their own financial difficulties, to be asking for more money for physio staff? Well, yes!
We all know that the pay cap has meant belt tightening all round, for CSP members and for your patients, many of them public sector workers. Yet, with the police and prison officers set to have their pay cap lifted, if there’s ever a time to make sure the voice of physios is heard, it’s now. 
So do join the rally on 17 October and, if that’s not possible, or not your way of doing things, turn to page 16 to for other ways of putting your view forward.
Meanwhile, I hope you’ll find plenty to interest you in this issue, keeping you engaged with the CSP and informed about your profession. 
Remember the value you give to society, keeping people fit and healthy. Make sure your voice is heard in the weeks ahead!
  • Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications eatonl@csp.org.uk
Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications

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