Editor's comment: be in it to win it!

July and November tend to be the months when award ceremonies hit the headlines. Why aren't there more physios in the running, asks Frontline managing editor Lynn Eaton.

Just last week there were a couple of major healthcare awards ceremonies: Patient Safety and Clinical Leaders of 2015, both organised by Health Service Journal.
It was disappointing not to see a physio listed as a clinical leader. But to win anything you have to enter. That takes time and effort (and often an entry fee).
So why don’t more physios apply? I’ve heard some members say they are reluctant to put their name forward as it looks too pushy ‘There is no letter “I” in the word team’ was drummed into them in training 20 years ago and they haven’t revisited the wisdom of that mantra.
Maybe they are worried that, if they and their team do win, others will resent it? Or perhaps they just question the whole awards culture? Either way, do read Karen Middleton’s In person column on page 35 which looks at how to promote your work without being branded a big head angling for promotion.
Here at Frontline we had our own modest award success last week (see page 8/9). It’s great being a team member to have your work recognised by the outside world. It also means your physio practice is being appreciated outside your professional circles, by the award judges. 
All part of our influencing plan!
The CSP’s awards ceremony is in November and the closing date for entries is 19 July so, if you’ve not yet entered, there is still a little time to put yourself and colleagues forward! For more information, visit CSP Awards
  • Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications 

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