Don’t be shy: CSP members boost profile of the profession

Catherine Chappell urges CSP members to help boost the profile of the profession.

All physiotherapy staff are well placed to raise the profile of the profession. They also have the power to influence. It’s vitally important that CSP members are taking action to do this. In fact, the future of physiotherapy depends on it.
Influencing is all about changing views, attitudes or beliefs in a positive way. More decision-makers, patients and the public need to understand the value of physiotherapy and what it can achieve for the health of the local population. Understanding equals investment. 
No special training is required to influence. It’s often about being brave and stepping out of your comfort zone to push yourself and your profession forward. 
I’m not a physiotherapist and am often taken aback by the exceptional skills and expertise of physio staff. But I’m also taken aback by their modesty. You achieve great – and life-changing – results every day. It may not come naturally to boast but in this case you need to shout about what you do, and not just to other physiotherapists.
I speak to a handful of CSP members every month who create and seize opportunities to enhance the profile of the profession by talking about the value of physiotherapy with local decision-makers. Examples include members visiting their MP’s surgery seeking backing for community rehabilitation; organising events to celebrate a CSP campaign with decision-makers in the audience; and giving a presentation on the power of physiotherapy in falls prevention at a clinical commissioning group event or GP education evening. 
All of these examples are great but I’d love to speak to more of you. These conversations are often peppered with trepidation, but help and support is at hand. The campaigns and regional engagement team welcomes contact from members. Email us at and introduce yourself. Tell us where you’re from and describe your idea. We’re here to help all CSP members to promote physio. 
Imagine what could be achieved for the profession if all 57,000-plus members were able to spare a few minutes each day.
You really could be a force to be reckoned with. 
  • Catherine Chappell is CSP campaigns and regional engagement officer @CChappellCSP 
Catherine Chappell CSP campaigns and regional engagement officer

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