Dealing with disclosure

A new resource to help non-LGBTQIA+ physio staff to respond with empathy to colleagues who disclose their sexual and/or gender identity at work. Sudhir Daya explains

Sudhir Daya
Sudhir Daya is convenor of the CSP’s LGBTQIA+ network

Research shows that LGBTQIA+ physiotherapists struggle with sexual and/or gender identity disclosure within their profession and organisations/environments of work/study(1,2). 

Anecdotally, it appears that the majority of non LGBTQIA+ physiotherapists handle disclosure in the workplace/higher education institute (HEI) awkwardly, ranging from silence to pseudo-acceptance. LGBTQIA+ physiotherapists anecdotally perceive this as harmful, not true inclusion, and ultimately feel like they do not belong. It is acknowledged that some LGBTQIA+ physiotherapists do anecdotally report some positive experiences of disclosure and there are multiple factors that may influence this. 

There is currently no physiotherapist specific resource that supports non LGBTQIA+ physiotherapists to deal with sexual and/or gender identity disclosure by a colleague in the workplace/HEI.

This gap has prompted the CSP LGBTQIA+ network to support my project to create a novel resource for physio staff of any banding, with any title, from any sector and of diverse positionality to respond compassionately and empathetically to LGBTQIA+ physiotherapists who disclose their gender and/or sexual identity in the workplace/HEI.

I am very proud to officially launch Dealing with disclosure, which can be accessed via the link below on the CSP website. I would like to thank all the participants who bravely gave their time and effort to make this project a reality. I welcome any feedback and hope this is a helpful resource. 

Watch this short video from Sudhir Daya titled 'Dealing with disclosure'  

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