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Jenny Nissler on changes to how the CSP gives funding to Professional Networks

CSP Professional Networks (PNs) provide expert knowledge and experience in their respective specialist fields, in support of the strategic and operational work of the organisation. PNs present, represent and contribute to Physiotherapy UK, government consultations, research and professional guidance. More than 50 per cent of CSP members belong to a network.  

Historically, PNs were able to claim a ‘capitation’ fee from the CSP for each of their members. This was subject to them submitting annual accounts and demonstrating that they fulfilled the minimum criteria for a PN. Over the past decade, fewer PNs claimed any fees and by 2015, two thirds of PNs did not routinely claim them at all. 

The professional networks, many of which have been established for decades, have changed dramatically from small groups of members with a special interest, to professional business entities in their own right. The PNs today are a heterogeneous group of organisations ranging from charitable and limited liability organisations to unincorporated volunteer bodies. 

Consensus was sought for a change from the historic capitation fees to a new system, in recognition of the changes seen, so that best use is made of available funding. 

Working collaboratively with PNs, a new CSP funding process has been developed and starts this month. The budget for PNs remains unchanged. It is now open to PNs to request funding to undertake specific pieces of work in line with CSP corporate priorities. 

Biannually, PNs can apply for funding for, or towards, these projects. The amounts available will usually be up to £3,000 or £5,000 per project, with the CSP awarding projects according to criteria that have been agreed with them. 

The process is designed to be accessible and open to all CSP Professional Networks, and the outcomes will be transparent. The aim is to use PN funding for work that can have the most impact for the physiotherapy profession and the populations it serves. 

  • Jenny Nissler is the CSP’s professional adviser

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