Corporate strategy

Valuing physiotherapy - CSP strategy 2023-2027

corporate strategy

Our vision for physiotherapy is to transform lives, maximise independence and empower populations. Here, we introduce the four aims set out in our new strategy, guiding the CSP’s work to exert influence over the next four years and in empowering our members.

Improve the health of communities through high quality physiotherapy  

  • Lead the development of evidence-based services which meet population health needs (equity, diversity and belonging*).
  • Promote physiotherapy staffing levels that meet service needs and reflect society across all sectors  (equity, diversity and belonging).
  • Integrate access to physiotherapy into primary care.
  • Promote equity for patients (equity, diversity and belonging).

Members can achieve their full potential 

  • Improve member experiences of work, education and seeking work  (equity, diversity and belonging).
  • Champion fair pay, terms and conditions for physios and physio support workers in all sectors and locations.
  • Support chartered and associate members to fulfil their career potential  (equity, diversity and belonging).

Across the strategy, we will promote:

  • A positive public image of physiotherapy.
  • Personalised care.
  • Prevention and public health.

An agile and sustainable organisation   

  • Achieve long term financial sustainability.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of CSP operations.
  • Enable our staff to thrive (equity, diversity and belonging).
  • Enable our Council and committee members to thrive (equity, diversity and belonging).
  • Transform our use of data and digital systems.

Confident and influential physiotherapy community   

  • Through the CSP provide physios, physio students and physio support workers with a supportive community (equity, diversity and belonging).
  • Lead the movement for rehabilitation.
  • Create a collaborative community of rehabilitation and exercise professionals. 
  • Enable members to promote physiotherapy as a sustainable healthcare intervention.
*Where equity, diversity and belonging are mentioned, these areas incorporate aims from the CSP’s equity, diversity and belonging strategy.  

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