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As an organisation built for and around its members, the CSP thrives on two-way communication, writes CSP director Rob Yeldham

Rob Yeldham CSP director of strategy, policy and engagement
Rob Yeldham is the CSP’s director of strategy, policy and engagement

Talking with members is critical for the CSP. We invite member views through regular surveys, workplace reps and networks. But one of the most valuable ways we ensure real two-way communication is through visits to members at work or university. 

Recently, I met community physios in northwest London. I asked how things were for them and what they wanted to tell the CSP. I am sure their responses will chime with other members. 

One person said how incredibly proud they are to be a physio, but they are frustrated that the rehab offered is limited. Another spoke of feeling like being on a conveyor belt. Another felt that physios in the NHS are not appreciated and they felt let down on pay. But the main issue for these physios is the workforce shortage. 

Their NHS trust is seeking international recruits. They are taking as many students on placement as they can, but worry that many international students do not plan to work in the UK once qualified. So, they are looking at using exercise professionals and we talked about developing apprenticeships as a means of addressing staff shortages.

I was told they want the CSP to promote the value of physiotherapy, both to raise public awareness but also to give them a louder voice on pay.

Despite the daily pressures, they want to be involved in CSP campaigning and promotion of the profession. This was invaluable feedback because it challenges the assumption that members are too ‘heads down’ to respond to a call to action. 

I learned a lot from listening to these members. The quality of conversation on rehab, workforce and pay was great.

In August’s Frontline, you will see some of these key themes reflected in the articles. We feature the results of our rehab survey, respond to workforce issues, and shine a spotlight on a rehab service.

Member case studies – on a wide range of subjects – run throughout this issue. Let’s continue to build on the valued relationship between the CSP and its members on both a local and national level. 

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