Comment: time to be inspired

Summertime and – as the song says – the living is easy. Schools are out, governments are in recess, and the pace is winding down for a few weeks. Managing editor Lynn Eaton says it's time to be inspired.

We all need a chance to recharge our batteries now and again; to take stock and to find the space, mentally, to be inspired by something new.

For CSP chief executive Karen Middleton a visit to the Glasgow games was a real battery-charger.

She was inspired by the goodwill of the amazing CSP members who volunteered at the games

My breathing space came in the form of a long weekend in the Gower, south Wales – with a detour to Cardiff Bay to visit the Senedd.  Wales not only feels different from England, but often leads the way: not least with the mandatory 5p charge for plastic bags.

Whatever you’re doing over the holidays, why not allow yourself some ‘down time’ with Frontline?  Stay informed, learn a little and, most important, be inspired by what your fellow members are up to.

Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications

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