Comment: stretching out

Lynn Eaton says a big thanks to all the CSP members who took part in this year’s Workout at Work Day.

It was a wonderful opportunity to highlight your work, while drawing attention to the need for workers to take a break and get some exercise.

You can look at a selection from the 230 or so events that took place on 6 June on pages 16 to 17.

Those of you on Twitter will find more photos by checking out: #workoutatwork.

I got involved in a circuit training event in a London park organised for staff based at the CSP’s headquarters – and was quite pleased to find that my triceps didn’t ache too much afterwards.

They certainly got a long overdue workout.

It also gave me an opportunity to chat to people from outside the organisation, including local public health director Julie Barrett.

She told me the event made her realise physio staff aren’t just there when things go wrong, and that they also play an important public health role.

The ‘physiotherapy works’ message is getting out there, but only thanks to all your efforts!

Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications

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