Comment: Remarkable people

Of course, not everyone celebrates Christmas. But, like many religious festivals around the world, it is traditionally associated with the concept of giving to people who are in need.

My impression of physio staff is that, whatever the time of year, they are often to be found at the head of the queue whenever volunteers are being sought for a worthy cause. Thus, it will probably come as no surprise to you to hear that some of your colleagues are giving up their Christmas to work with homeless people in the weeks ahead. Find out more about the role physios are playing with the charity Crisis at Christmas.

Meanwhile, physios in Greece are playing their part in delivering services to patients at the sharp end of the country’s economic crisis. Even though times are hard for many here, the plight of the Greek people is far worse. But as Kim Gainsborough reports, a remarkable resilience is being displayed by workers and patients alike.

Ian A McMillan Deputy Editor

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