Comment: New year, new you?

The first edition of a new year always heralds a new beginning, says Frontline managing editor Lynn Eaton.

With the excesses of the holidays over, no doubt you are focusing on your new exercise regime, resolutions to improve your work-life balance and ways to eke out your finances through the long month of January.

The new year is also a chance to think about new approaches and new opportunities, as CSP council chair Sue Rees points out.

One thing CSP members can do in the year ahead is to join the 700 members who have already been to one of the Physiotherapy Works Locally events.

Do your bit by coming along to a meeting near you, or pledging your support for the campaign. We’ll be checking on your progress in the year ahead.

Meanwhile here at Frontline we’re working on some changes to make sure the magazine continues to keep abreast of your professional needs. So watch this space!


Lynn Eaton

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