Comment - From good to great

Changing what you do is never easy, says Lynn Eaton.

Many of you are facing challenges in your workplace as your organisation struggles to provide the best quality services on a tight budget. In this climate, it’s so important to know how to respond to that pressure: to adapt and survive.

So the launch this month of the first CSP Physiotherapy Works Locally event, in Chester-le-Street, County Durham, was timely (page 10).

Members discussed what they’ll need to do to keep on top of the rapidly changing healthcare environment. And the CSP has developed a number of tools that members can use to become actively engaged in these crucial debates about the future of healthcare.

It’s not just members who face challenges. The CSP’s staff are also undergoing a review to ensure the CSP staffing structure is fit for the challenges ahead.

Together, we’ll ensure the profession becomes truly ‘great’!

Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications

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