Comment: Face of the future

This month Lynn Eaton highlights an exciting event in the busy CSP calendar: the annual student reps development weekend.

Exciting, not just because of the quality of debate and ideas (and from all accounts these were exceptional), but because it gives a sense of where the physiotherapy profession is going.

The pictures tell the story: a group of bright and attentive CSP members who are eager to shape the future of their profession by being active members of their society.

Do you remember the day you first started out as a student? How you wanted to make things better for your patients?

Hanging on to that vision can be hard on a day-to-day basis. But building peer support, as the student reps are doing, reinforces your beliefs and helps you achieve your goals.

You might not be able to make it to a conference this year, but you can still keep in touch with your physio colleagues – and be inspired by their efforts – through reading Frontline.

As engaged and active CSP members, you can still learn a lot from each other, even if your student days are long gone!

Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications

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