Carers accountabilities and responsibilities

I’ve been asked to train my patient’s carer* to provide physio interventions. Am I accountable if they do something wrong? 

Claire Fordham is a CSP professional adviser

No, but you do have some accountabilities and responsibilities in this situation. 

As a registered physiotherapist or support worker undertaking carer training you are accountable and responsible for: 

  • your decision that it is appropriate to train a carer to provide some tasks or activities 
  • your decision regarding which tasks and activities to train a carer to undertake 
  • ensuring the carer is competent in the tasks and activities you  train them to undertake  
  • making sure the carer is aware of the extent and limits of their competence 
  • putting processes and systems in place for the carer to contact you for advice if needed or if something has changed and they no longer feel competent.  

The carer is accountable for:

  • accepting the undertaking of a task or activity they have been trained to provide  
  • their decisions and actions when carrying out the task or activity once they are competent and it has been deemed safe and appropriate for them to undertake it 
  • ensuring they feel fully competent and confident to carry it out 
  • abiding by the agreed extent and limits of their competence following the systems and processes that are in place to place to support them.  

* a carer could be anyone who undertakes caring responsibilities, such as family members, friends, social and private sector carers and those working in supported living, residential and nursing home environments.   

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  • Claire Fordham is a CSP professional adviser 

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