Call Out Microaggressions

The CSP has launched a new campaign against microaggressions to actively support equity, diversity and belonging, and oppose discrimination

CSP campaign

Microaggressions are statements or actions that show subtle, intentional or unintentional discrimination, hostility or negative attitudes towards members of a marginalised group. They are the most common form of discrimination and occur on a daily basis, so tackling them is vital.

Our campaign aims to reduce microaggressions faced by members in order to improve their lives at work and study, and tangibly benefit their mental and physical health. 

CSP surveys and research show that microaggressions come from both patients and colleagues, and that members don’t report incidences, in part because they fear no action will be taken.

Resources on the new online hub include content designed to:

  • educate members about the impact of microaggressions.
  • encourage them to challenge and call out negative behaviour.
  • equip them with resources to tackle microaggressions.

    Crucially, the hub also contains advice and guidance for managers on how to create an environment in which staff feel confident to report a microaggression, knowing the complaint will be acted upon.

    Our campaign gives examples of common microaggressions and tips for managers to take action. Intersectional microaggressions occur in everyday life due to the intersections of race, sexual identity, gender, disability, social class, and other sociodemographic factors. 

    CSP chief executive Karen Middleton is urging all members to take action and support the new campaign. She said:

    It offers something for everyone in terms of furthering your knowledge or developing as a manager. From a short video to in-depth reading, there are options to suit different workloads and simple ways to promote messaging to help create a profession known for its inclusivity and sense of belonging.

    ‘I’m really proud that we’ve launched this campaign and believe it can make a real difference to the working lives of our members.’

    We all have a role in tackling microaggressions. 

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