Burning Question: What is a reasonable adjustment?

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What is a reasonable adjustment?

If you have a disability (as defined by the Equality Act) you are legally entitled to ask your employer for ‘reasonable adjustments’ to be made to remove any disadvantage that you may face in the workplace.
This may be a piece of equipment, a change to your working hours or amendments to your duties. Your employer does not have to provide this but must consider the request and give objective business reasons if this is not possible.
The CSP has recently produced a short video on reasonable adjustments in conjunction with our solicitors Thompsons on reasonable adjustments. It is always a good idea to speak to your local CSP steward if you are experiencing problems at work.
If you do not have a CSP steward you should call the CSP on 020 7306 6666.  Got an issue you’re worried about? Ask your steward/student rep or, if you don’t have one, contact the CSP. View previous columns here.
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