Breast cancer charity refreshes its patient exercise guidance

Breast Cancer Care’s patient information on exercise after breast cancer is newly re-published and available, for free, to patients and healthcare professionals.

The leaflet Exercises after breast cancer surgery and an accompanying DVD are designed for patients to follow at home and feature exercises to help regain arm and shoulder movement after surgery for breast cancer.

They were first published by the charity in 2010 under the title Getting fitter, feeling stronger. But, despite thorough consultation with healthcare professionals and physiotherapists throughout the production process, Breast Cancer Care received a lot of feedback on Getting fitter, feeling stronger regarding the choice of the exercises used.

The newly re-issued information has had a fresh round of consultations and has been re-branded and packaged as a result.

Exercises have been modified and diagrams are used in the leaflet instead of photographs. The DVD now features a 12-week post-surgery exercise class as well as content from another DVD, Eating well, being active.

The leaflet is available now and the DVD will be available at the end of July. Order the leaflet and DVD at the Breast Cancer Care Publications website.

Sally Priestley

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