Becoming well-rounded clinicians

Clinical placements develop students into physiotherapists but leadership placements can develop them into better ones  

Chris Parton
Chris Parton is a newly qualified community physiotherapist working for Derbyshire Community Health Services

From personal experience, I can assure students that non-clinical leadership placements can offer skills that complement, enhance and expand your potential as a physiotherapist. 

I completed my placement at the CSP in June 2021 and I am delighted to be introducing April’s Frontline by announcing that the CSP has now committed to offering regular non-clinical leadership placements to students. It is an experience capable of making any student far more well-rounded, both professionally and clinically. 

With the vast array of environments that a physiotherapist could work within, it is more vital than ever to be well-rounded. The Covid-19 pandemic has driven the profession to become more adaptable in many ways and non-clinical leadership placements is one such development that has proven to be beneficial for the CSP, the students involved, and the wider membership as a whole. 

Resources produced during these placements have helped to increase awareness of key issues of importance to physiotherapists, expand knowledge amongst members of CSP benefits, and affect real change in our profession. Having a platform to reach members across the UK was a unique experience and inspired me to think bigger in terms of the impact we can truly have as physiotherapists. My placement revolved largely around community rehabilitation by promoting its importance and highlighting the fantastic career it can be. This inspired me to venture forth as a community physiotherapist upon graduation. 

This month, you’ll read about the CSP’s new Stronger My Way campaign, which I will definitely use in my work. It provides all CSP members with access to the best strengthening resources, along with advice on behaviour change and how to discuss the issue with people with health conditions. It aims to improve uptake, encourage habitual change and promote health. Also, check out the interview with Ash James, new director of practice and development, and a feature on treating Long Covid.  Find out more about placement types here.

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