Advice line: share your work at the CSP’s flagship scientific conference

Katie Prangle says that submitting an abstract is an opportunity to share your work at the CSP’s flagship scientific conference

The deadline to submit abstracts for Physiotherapy UK is coming up on 24 April. This year, there is a choice of four themes: Innovation in rehabilitation; managing complexity (including a musculoskeletal focus on the Saturday); fit for work; and the next generation. The conference website has a description of each theme, as well of details of how to submit your extract.

Quick tips 

  • Read the guidelines: These cover what is expected. They include the scoring criteria against which your abstract is reviewed to help you understand what to focus on. 
  • Find a critical friend: Ask a colleague to read your finished abstract and rate it against the scoring criteria. Their questions will help you understand how a reviewer will respond and what to improve. 
  • Ethics: This is often a weak area. Make sure you fully explain your answers and check the guidelines.
  • Title : The title sets the tone. Make it interesting and an accurate description of your work.
  • Key messages: Start with a list of your major points in each section. Make each sentence count and if a word or sentence doesn’t add anything, don’t include it.  
  • Published work: Every abstract from Physiotherapy UK 2018 was published in a special edition of Physiotherapy These will give you a good idea of the quality expected. 
  • Check and double check: Remember to check spelling. Even better, ask someone to proofread. Once submitted your abstract can’t be amended and, if successful, it will be published with those mistakes.
  • Think about the format: You can state how you would like to present your work. Some research lends itself better to poster presentation, others to a rapid five or platform.
  • Give it a go:The process of submitting is a great exercise, no matter outcome and a useful skill to practice. 

Katie Prangle is Council for Allied Health Professions Research support officer

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