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Amy Travis, CSP leadership development officer, on an opportunity worth seizing

As our 2018 Leadership Development Programme (LDP) draws to a close, participants have been reflecting on the impact it has made. 

The powerful journeys described at the North West celebration event prompted me to think: what if these people hadn’t enrolled on the LDP?  What if they hadn’t seized the opportunity? What if they felt they didn’t have the time or it wasn’t the right time – or they thought it wasn’t for them? 

It gave me one of those ‘sliding door’ moments.

Here’s what one participant said: ‘The opportunity to apply for the CSP LDP while I was on maternity leave arrived at a critical time. Feeling undervalued, unappreciated and stale in my role, I felt our small therapy team of two was lacking “a voice”, a direction within the organisation and the respect that we deserved.’

‘Reflecting on this, with a return to work imminent, I was determined and hopeful to change this – to improve myself and the status of physiotherapy within the team,’ she added.

Opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. Before you can see an opportunity, you have to be looking for it. Think about your skill set, interests and what you would like to improve upon and use this to identify opportunities.

Opportunities are often missed or they can come at the most unexpected and inopportune time, but when a chance does appear, don’t hesitate to grab it. 

Often we don’t consider doing something until we’re nudged. So, if you believe in fate, or you are looking for a sign, here you are: the CSP LDP will run in 2019 as a 30-credit masters module for physiotherapists all over the UK (as well as other allied health professionals) and 48 physiotherapy places will be funded by the CSP Charitable Trust.  Embrace this opportunity and register your interest by emailing 

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