Advice line: CSP's digital operation for your membership

Nina Paterson on the CSP’s digital operation and how it enhances your membership.

The CSP’s ePortfolio, Learning Hub and eMentoring platforms offer a rich variety of online learning and development opportunities, free to all CSP members. In the 15 months since these were launched, more than 9,000 members have been using the ePortfolio. Nearly 2,500 use the Learning Hub to access the rich mix of eLearning modules (eBites) and we’ve seen steady use of the mentoring platform with almost 140 live mentoring relationships on-the-go currently.
It’s great to see members coming back for more. Daily, 50-60 members visit the ePortfolio, most returning to pick up where they left off.  We see similar returns to the Learning Hub. The eMentoring platform is all about ongoing relationships.
The ePortfolio contains tools to record, evaluate and evidence how your learning supports the development of your practice. Most popular is the journal – great for storing reflections.
The Learning Hub has a mix of eBites. Some are designed for specific groups (such as stewards), but most are open to everyone. They cover a range of topics including research, career development and the new safe-and-effective staffing levels tool.
The eMentoring platform allows members to connect with someone who is ahead of them on the career path for support. We’d like to encourage members to think about the developmental value in being a mentor themselves, not just a mentee.
Towards the end of the month, when members log in to any of the three platforms, they will notice some changes. Like every organisation, we’ve been ensuring compliance with General Data Protection Regulation.  Next time you log in, re-read the terms and conditions, and the privacy statements, so you know how your data is processed. If you have information stored in the ePortfolio, check your profile and review your sharing options to make sure that content is only seen by those people you wish to see it. 
  • Nina Paterson is CSP education adviser 

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