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From advances in NHS data sharing to AI enhancing physiotherapy, the impact of digital technologies will continue to affect the profession in 2024

Euan McComiskie is health informatics lead at the CSP
Euan McComiskie is health informatics lead at the CSP

Developments in digital technology will have a profound influence on the physiotherapy profession, and everywhere else, this year.  Already in motion is the implementation of the Federated Data Platform by NHS England, which will sit across NHS trusts and integrated care systems, allowing them to share data across geographical and organisational boundaries.

It’s a huge opportunity if it can overcome the expected significant challenges which include electronic patient record system access, system applicability and data standardisation amongst others. There are also the initial questions around the procurement process, successful bidder, and the platform itself. 

It began even before that with the focus on preparing the workforce with the digital skills to be able to manage the shifting and complex landscape of system and device availability, connectivity, digital inclusion, workforce preference, patient and public preference, and the other factors affecting the use of digital in practice. 

The potential for AI to have an impact on our work, perhaps through the saving of clinical time is being investigated by the Health Foundation alongside the CSP informatics team. We expect more innovation in the wearable technology sector, including robotics and use of exoskeletons, in the development of the quantity and quality of data available to define, audit, and improve services. 

We look forward to more collaborations between the CSP team and those leading in the digital health space including the King’s Fund, HETT, Digital Health and many others.

It will continue in force for the CSP membership across the UK with the CSP webinars on data and technology in January and February 2024, through the expected publication of the introduction to informatics education resources in the summer of 2024 and lots more activity around the Physiotherapy Health Informatics Strategy (PHIS). 

The coming year will be another where digital advances and developments are expected to have a big impact. The informatics team, and the wider CSP look forward to being part of the next steps in that journey. 

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