Muscle Energy Technique: from science to practice

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Whittington Education Centre, Whittington Hospital

Highgate Hill
N19 5NF
United Kingdom

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This workshop will extend your understanding and skills in the practice of muscle energy technique. The emphasis of this workshop will be to develop your skills in the use of muscle energy for pain and dysfunction of the spine and associated musculature. It will explore variations of muscle energy technique aimed to emphasis different physiological processes based on a scientific rationale. The workshop will cover the most up-to-date explanations for the therapeutic principles underpinning muscle energy and how this information impacts the use of technique and patient management in practice. It will introduce the principles of biopsychosocial management and how to most effectively manage common patient conditions such as neck and low back.

  • Develop your technical skills in the use of muscle energy techniques applied to the spine, pelvis and myofascial structures
  • Understand the scientific evidence for the application of muscle energy to spine, pelvis and myofascial pain and dysfunction
  • Apply knowledge of biopsychosocial therapeutic mechanisms in clinical reasoning for the choice of treatment techniques for different patient conditions
  • Apply an evidence-informed approach to treating neck and back pain incorporating muscle energy technique
  • Explore variations of muscle energy for effective application and to emphasize specific physiological effects