Introduction to Cognitive Multisensory Rehabilitation

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Marc Aureli Piqué Batalla (Specialist Physiotherapist in the treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome & Cognitive Multisensory Rehabilitation Instructor)

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Cognitive Multisensory Rehabilitation (CMR) is a sensorimotor intervention developed for stroke motor rehabilitation by Professor Perfetti that targets somatosensory and multisensory, and cognitive functions through sensory discrimination exercises. CMR focuses on the perception and integration of different sensory modalities (e.g. somatosensory, visual, etc.) and body parts (e.g. shoulder and hand) in order to produce purposeful, effective and accurate movements allowing an appropriate relationship with the surrounding environment.

CMR tasks involve the activation of cognitive processes (such as perception, attention, body representation, memory, etc.) in order to regain mind-body connection and recover functional ability impaired or lost. Each CMR task is designed to prompt patients to: pay attention to their body; comprehend and perceive it; know and understand its movement.

What does this course offer you?

In this two-day course, you will be given an introduction to CMR through a combination of theoretical and practical sessions. You will develop practical skills for the assessment, treatment and evaluation of neurological patients using the CMR framework.

    Course Aims

    What are the objectives of this course?
    Following the course, the student should be able to:

    • Recognize and characterize Cognitive Multisensory Rehabilitation.
    • Describe the basic principles of Cognitive Multisensory Rehabilitation.
    • Gain understanding of the importance of cognitive processes for motor rehabilitation in neurological conditions.
    • Interpret motor impairments in neurological conditions using the Cognitive Multisensory Rehabilitation Theory.
    • Understand Cognitive Multisensory Rehabilitation task structure: cognitive problem- perceptual hypothesis - verification.
    • Apply appropriate and specific Cognitive Multisensory Rehabilitation tasks following different clinical presentations.

    Who will Benefit

    This course is suitable for Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists interested in Neurological Rehabilitation who want to gain understanding on Cognitive Multisensory Rehabilitation.

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      • CPD Hours: 16


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