Cognitive Functional Therapy: A person-centred behavioural approach for people with disabling low back pain

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8.30am to 5.00pm
Royal Free Hospital, Pond Street, London NW3 2QG

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Prof Peter O'Sullivan

Course/Conference Organiser

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James Davis

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Cognitive Functional Therapy (CFT) is a person-centred behavioural approach for individualising the management of disabling LBP. This approach has evolved within clinical practice, it is informed by people living with pain, and it is supported by scientific evidence. A recent clinical trial published in The Lancet demonstrated that CFT resulted in long term reductions in pain and disability with large costs savings compared to usual care for people with disabling chronic low back pain (

CFT is underpinned by a multidimensional clinical reasoning framework in order to identify the modifiable and nonmodifiable factors associated with an individual’s disabling LBP. It incorporates a person-centred approach to identify and target unhelpful cognitions, emotions, movement and lifestyle behaviours that drive pain and disability. The aim is coach people with disabling back pain to effectively self-manage their condition.

During this three day workshop, Peter will take you on a journey. This will include helping you develop an understanding of:

  1. The lived experience of low back pain
  2. Triage of low back pain
  3. Once serious pathology is excluded, multi-dimensional factors associated with low back pain
  4. Best practice guidelines for low back pain
  5. Person-centred communication
  6. Clinical interview exploring the persons story, their beliefs, emotions and behavioural responses to pain, goal setting
  7. Physical examination including the application of behavioural experiments
  8. Clinical reasoning framework
  9. Cognitive Functional Therapy intervention
    1. Making sense of pain – person centred understanding of pain and myth busting
    2. Exposure with control – developing pain control strategies in movement and activity
    3. Lifestyle changes – coaching a healthy lifestyle
    4. Coaching towards self-management including flareups
  10. Evidence and obstacles for CFT
  11. Tiered training to competency in CFT

Peter will work with real patients to outline the process of conducting an interview, examination and development of CFT management – and the clinical reasoning that underpins it.

Pre-course reading and course information will be sent either by email or Dropbox (if you have a Dropbox account. A comprehensive course workbook will be given to you on day of registration.

There will be numerous opportunities for questions and discussion.

Regretfully this webinar will not be recorded, and will not be made available for viewing due to issues securing patient privacy and confidentiality which of course is paramount.

*Discount available for full time undergraduate and post graduate students. Places limited. See Terms & Conditions below.

The closing date for registration and payment is 5pm on Friday 31th May 2024