The BE HUMAN Model - Developing Empathy, Emotional Resilience and Guarding against Compassion Fatigue - ONLINE

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Carolyn Cleveland - BSc (Hons) Cert Counselling

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NCORE Training and Events

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Course Aims

This one day session of experiential learning not only identifies what empathy and wellbeing is, but enables those attending to ‘feel’, analyse and understand it on a deeper level, to understand WHY it is so important. The session will take the components of the BE HUMAN model out of the text book and into real life, as delegates go on a journey of understanding their own emotions and perceptions, and those of others.

Those attending will have the opportunity, in a safe and supportive learning environment, to examine how we all view things differently, exploring how our own judgements of ourselves and others can get in the way of empathic communication and self compassion/self care. Delegates will explore the vital importance of personal development, connectivity and reframing in the process of empathic thinking.

Using emotive and honest thought provoking material from Carolyn Cleveland, yet balanced with the neuroscience of positive psychology and all important humour, the real impact of connectivity, and managing secondary trauma, stress and burn out, will be explored. Supporting staff to nurture their own existing empathic attributes, and build confidence in developing personal support mechanisms.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understand, feel, analyse and explore the presence and absence of empathy and secondary trauma, learning the importance of being able to understanding different emotional experiences/trauma, managing adversity and recognising vulnerability.
    • Seeing perspectives, the fuller picture, and understanding emotional motivations within behaviour and how easily we all see things differently and have our own narrative about life.
    • Learn how the ‘funnel of life’ can impact on our empathic communication and our own resilience, and how our emotions influence us, and impact on others.
    • Analyse how biases, judgements, body language and communication with a lack of empathy creates a lack of psychological safety and civility and how important this can be to us all. Understand the concept of Safeguarded Personal Communication (SPC ®)
    • Recognise and identify secondary trauma and understand the difference between secondary traumatic stress and burnout.
    • Develop self care, managing adversity, recognising the importance of how identifying our emotions and thoughts and expressing them, supports us. Along with the vital importance of laughter.

    Attendance Information

    • Attendance Certificate: Yes
    • CPD Hours: 6.5


    • £195

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