The Bases of Sensory Retraining Methods for Motor Recovery an Introduction to Cognitive Multisensory Rehabilitation - FREE VIRTUAL WEBINAR

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Marc Aureli Piqué Batalla (Specialist Physiotherapist In the treatment of complex regional pain syndrome)

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Somatosensory impairment is common complication in a wide range of conditions including neurological conditions, orthopaedic and in chronic pain syndromes. Somatosensory input is the means by which we process and interact with the world and our environment, and it is critical for normal human function and is fundamental for motor behaviours. Somatosensory input is required for accurate and adaptable motor control and the acquisition of motor skills, suggesting intact sensation may be a critical component to facilitate motor rehabilitation.

Although rehabilitation specifically focusing on somatosensory function receives little attention in literature, sensory-based interventions have shown to enhance adaptive motor cortical plasticity, indicating a potential mechanism which may mediate recovery.

This webinar presents a review of somatosensory retraining approaches and its effects on motor function and pain, introducing Cognitive Multisensory Rehabilitation (CMR): a rehabilitation approach that states that the quality of recovery, both spontaneous and guided by the therapist, rely on the activation of cognitive processes.

In this webinar you will be introduced to the bases of somatosensory retraining approaches and, specifically, to Cognitive Multisensory Rehabilitation.

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