Why you should keep your details up to date

We are asking all members to complete or update their details when they first log on to this site. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and helps us to deliver the services that you pay for. The information provided is treated in the strictest confidence, and not shared with any other organisation.

Contact information

To provide you with the range of services and information that your subscription buys, we need to know your current contact details. As many of our services our now online, it's increasingly important to make sure we have an up-to-date email address for you.

Support in the workplace

We ask you about your clinical specialty, your work setting and your employer. This helps us to plan services properly for each organisation where members work, ensuring, for example, the right number of stewards and safety reps.

It also helps us look at employment trends. Gathering this information helps us campaign more strongly, and enables us to conduct local or national ballots on industrial action more efficiently. Whilst we will always make every effort to resolve employment problems without industrial action, should there be no other option, it is a legal requirement to give employers the names of those members in their organisation being balloted.

Supporting practice and CPD

Your data helps us understand CPD needs, and how we can best support practice in different areas.

It also helps us to see how the professional scope of practice is developing and how roles are extending. This, in turn, helps us gauge the professions' academic standing, and lobby for more influence over healthcare research.

Most of all, it ensures we talk to and engage with members at the right time, in the right way and with relevant information, so the Society is really responsive to member needs.

How to update your details

The first time you log in to the site, you will automatically be taken to the 'Update your profile' form. 

If you've logged in before and completed your details, you can update it in your account section.

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