Presentations from Physiotherapy UK 2018

Below are all the presentations from PTUK 2018.

Opening plenary session

Population ageing: implications for health and care services
David Oliver

How is WCPT advancing WCPT advancing the profession globally
Jonathon Kruger

Improvement and transformation

The role of the advanced clinical practitioner in acute medicine
Sarah Henry

Where does physio fit in?
Anna Lowe

Planning a service evaluation
Fran Fitch, Helen Baxter, Heather Thornton, Angela Green

Physical activity landscape
Kenny Butler

Narrative of individual careers the consultant physiotherapist role
Andrew Bennett

Moving medicine
Natasha Jones

Moving forward
Dean Philips

Making the business case
Louise Rogerson and Helen Baxter

Love activity, Hate exercise?
Sara Hazzard

Connecting and supporting advanced practice physiotherapy across the UK safely
Suzanne McIlroy

Behaviour change setting the scene
Hanna Leahy

Advancing physiotherapy practice for improvement, innovation and transformation
Victoria Dickens

Advanced roles in physiotherapy
Ceri Sedgley

Advanced and consultant practice
Beverley Harden


Using the Research to Improve our management of shoulder pain 
Ian Horsley

Trunk and neck movements are reduced in people with chronic neck pain when walking along a curved trajectory
Alessandro De Nunzio

Thoracic spine exercise prescription in sport
N Heneghan

The relationship between spinal rotation and lung function in patients with scoliosis
Georgina Lawless

The meaning of manual therapy in the practice of MSK physiotherapists
Sean Case

The effect of SNAGs at L45 on the range of flexion compared to Repeated Auto-Flexion
Richard Day

The ATLAS cohort
Kika Konstantinou

Test-retest reliability of wrist joint position sense
Chloe Pilbeam

Talking the talk - Making the most of your clinical encounters
Lisa Roberts

Spinal exercise prescription in sport
Simon Spencer

Self-efficacy as a prognostic factor and treatment moderator in chronic MSK pain patients
Rebecca Hayward

Routine X-rays for suspected frozen shoulder
Shaun Deacon

Return to play and recurrence rate following hamstring injury in elite football
Alison Rushton

Reduced knee-extensor torque steadiness
Eduardo Martinez-Valdes

Promoting physical activity and well being in at risk adults
Joan Duda

Prevalence, characteristics and clinical course of neuropathic pain in primary care patients
Sarah Harrisson

Predictors of hospital admissions due to falls and fractures in schizophrenia spectrum
Brendon Stubbs

Predictors of falls and fractures leading to hospitalization in people with dementia
Brendon Stubbs

Plus size people in the working environment
Annabel Masson

Marilyn Poole

Physiotherapy informed by acceptance and commitment therapy
Duncan Critchley

Physiotherapist and physiotherapy assistant supervised shoulder strengthening program
Grace Gadsby

Physical prognostic factors predicting outcome following lumbar discectomy surgery
Alison Rushton

Physical activity maintenance and digital health
Rachel Simmons

Perceptions of low back pain in elite gymnastics
Louise Fawcett

People with chronic neck pain perform active neck movements in a less variable way
Feras Alsultan

Muscle Tibialis anterior fatigue protocol effects on kinetic parameters of gait and balance
Halime Gulle

Measuring upper limb disability in female patients with non-specific neck pain
Ahmad Alreni

Investigating the prevalence of anxiety and depression in patellofemoral pain
James Wride

International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapists

Increased MRI signal intensity and morphological changes in the brachial plexus and median nerves of patients diagnosed with WAD II
Jane Greening

Immediate effects of lateral abdominal muscle exercise in different postural positions
Samantha Gillard

How employers can reduce physical inactivity 
John Doyle

Foot orthoses - how do they work?
Ian Griffiths

Duration of symptons and outcomes of treatments in MSK patients in private practice 
S Murtagh

Exercise for neck pain
Deborah Falla

Duration of symptoms and outcomes of treatments in musculoskeletal patients in private practice
S Murtagh

ACPPLD Data protection policy

Do you know if your assessments are biased?
Wendy Johnson

Diagnostic accuracy of ULNTs for the assessment of peripheral neuropathic pain
K Koulidis

Detection of heat and cold pain thresholds
N Middlebrook

Comparative effectiveness of treatment options for subacromial shoulder pain
C Littlewood

Canoe shoulder
Ian Horsley

Best practice guide to management of plantar heel pain
Dylan Morrissey

Assessment of headache - what clinicians need to know
Anne-Marie Logan

Are NHS-employed MSK physiotherapists in England misdiagnosing Cauda Equina syndrome?
Natalie Beswetherick

Applying the best practice guide to management of plantar heel pain
Dylan Morrissey

Applying public health approaches to MSK care
Anna Lowe

Activate your back
Claire Fry

Accuracy of palpation-guided and ultrasound-guided coracohumeral ligament infiltrations by a physiotherapist and a physician
J Pape

A core outcome set for physical activity or exercise interventions
Alex Thompson

Primary care and workforce transformation

What's in a name?
Adine Adonis

The effects of teaching OT and PT students motivational interviewing 
Jennifer Fortune

Student explorations of black and minority ethnic attainment inequalities in pre-registration physiotherapy 
John Hammond

Setting priorities for UK physiotherapy research 

Returning physiotherapists to practice 
Paul Chapman

Responding to a changing population 
Pippa Steele

Primary care first contact physiotherapy 
Sarah Morton

Patient direct access to MSK physiotherapy 
Chinonso Igwesi-Chidobe

Optimising the capability of the support worker workforce 
Claire Fordham

Optimising implementation of research findings in primary care 
Laura Swaithes

Implementing and evaluating a pilot physiotherapist-led osteoarthritis clinic 
Jonathan Quicke

From hospital to home 
Laura Harrison

Feasibility study into the use of an ’ARCP’ style of panel 
Richard Collier

Early doors - can emergency care therapies help to prevent avoidable admissions in the ED?
Marc Berry

Barriers and facilitators of the implementation and utilisation 
Tim Noblet

Back to the future physiotherapy work and physiotherapy education 
Alison Chambers

Attitudes confidence and knowledge of pre-registration healthcare students 
Sean Paul Carroll

AHPs – a vital workforce for the future workforce 
Stuart Palma

Advanced practice physiotherapy in primary care 
Stormont Murray

Advanced practice – is it new 
Fleur Kitsell

A journey with a falls and fracture prevention service 
Catherine van't Riet

Rehab matters

Why is bone health important?
Fizz Thompson

Validity of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire 
Jennifer Fortune

Using national audit data to identify communication within pathways of care in hip fracture physiotherapy rehabilitation in England and Wales
Pip White

The validity of IPAQ 
Grace Lavelle

The development and feasibility of a structured self-management programme (My Life After Stroke; MLAS) for stroke survivors
V Johnson

Supervised exercise rehab 
Ceri Battle

Standing up in people with progressive multiple sclerosis 
J Freeman

Same same, but different: innovation and collaboration in cardio-respiratory care

Rehabilitation of conservatively managed proximal humerus fractures 
Anuj Punnoose

Rehabilitation for people with cardiac conditions 
Vicky Joshi

Rehabilitation for long term conditions across the disease trajectory
Diane Playford

Recovering after a hip fracture 
Antony Johansen

Physiotherapy hip fracture sprint audit 
Ruth ten Hove

Patient experiences of lower limb and upper limb residential orthopaedic rehabilitation programmes at a national specialist centre
Puja Varsani

NICE guidance on spondyloarthritis for over 16s 
Carol McCrum

Modified interstitial lung disease (ILD) 
Louise Stanley

Local improvements as a result of Hip Sprint audit 
Pippa Ellery

Is it worth doing rehab in care homes?
Dawn Skelton

Introducing the new hip fracture rehab standards
Pip White

Impact of intensive hyper acute neurological rehabilitation 
Kelly Saunders

I’m in a very good frame of mind: the experience of standing frame use in people with progressive multiple sclerosis and their carers 
Wendy Hendrie

Health service use among young people with cerbreal palsy 
Grace Lavelle

Frailty PEACE planning 
Helen Hunnisett

Exploring the rehabilitation potential in older people living with complex health and social care needs
Alison Cowley

Does neurally adjusted ventilatory assist improve outcomes for critically ill adults during weaning from mechanical ventilation? A systematic review?
Alan Bartholomew

Community stroke rehabilitation and falls 
Victoria Butler

Balance right in MS: preliminary results of a randomised controlled feasibility trial 
Hilary Gunn

ACPIN intro

Achieving best practice in hip fracture rehab 
Jocelyn Hopkins

A qualitative study exploring the experiences of patients with end-stage renal disease receiving haemodialysis
Hannah Young

Closing plenary

How to take the power to influence and transform 
Helen Bevan

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