Make the most of learning in practice

Professional adviser Gwyn Owen shares some resource ideas to help you make the most of learning from practice.


Seen the CSP’s physiotherapy framework yet?

The CSP's physiotherapy framework describes the values, behaviours, knowledge and skills needed to practice physiotherapy in the UK. The framework is used to support the development of physiotherapy practice in lots of different ways such as shaping the content of your physiotherapy programme and helping to design job descriptions. On a more personal level, it is a CPD tool that can support you in your career development and planning.

The CSP has produced a workbook based on the descriptors in the Physiotherapy Framework which is available to download from the member-only section of the CSP's website (NB: your log in is needed).

Making more of the CSP's Physiotherapy Framework

Why not use the Physiotherapy Framework workbook to...

  •   become more aware of your current strengths/learning needs
  •   recognise the value of all placement opportunities that are available to you
  •   become aware of how learning opportunities that are part of your day-to-day practice outside the physiotherapy programme (eg being a friend/partner, a carer/parent, an employee/volunteer and so on) support the development of your physiotherapy practice
  •   evaluate and track the development of the different components that make up physiotherapy practice over the course of your programme
  •   create a portfolio that celebrates you and your practice at any given point in time.

Articles from Frontline

At first glance, some articles in Frontline may seem only relevant to qualified physiotherapists but they provide plenty of guidance as well as ideas on personal reflection for CPD which are just as useful for students. Here are some that you might like to explore:

✔ Respond to the challenge offered by Nina Paterson's article on self-awareness to examine your 'dustballs', what you want to change and how opportunities available in practice could help you get there.

✔ Take inspiration from Carley King's experiences of learning from events to find hidden learning opportunities that might be waiting for you in practice settings.

Work with Jennifer Duthie to explore the idea of collaborative models of learning in practice.

Follow the tips from Gwyn Owen's piece to help you look beyond the 'label' attached to a placement to unpack how the opportunities available will support the ongoing development of your physiotherapy practice and future employability.

Other opportunities

Have you heard about the CSP's Learning and Development webinars? December's webinar focused on Practice Education in Primary Care and offered an exciting opportunity for clinicians, educators and students to share experiences of learning in a GP's surgery, integrated care and other community-based settings.

If you missed joining that webinar, why not log on to the student iCSP network where you'll find all the material from the webinar waiting for you: Practice Education in Primary Care.

We have some exciting topics lined up for 2016, so if you'd like to get involved with the Learning and Development Webinar Series please keep an eye on iCSP, or get in touch via email:

Happy surfing and learning!