Louise Wright

Louise Wright is a technical instructor working with adults with learning disabilities at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board.

I joined the CSP about 20 years ago as a direct result of membership being open up to assistants and technicians. When I left school I hoped to go into nursing - I didn’t as I became a mother. My life went down a very different path: I've had a variety of jobs before I joined the physiotherapy back unit team in my early thirties.

I have enjoyed all the areas I have worked in but if I had to name a discipline I get the most from I would have to say neuro. I work with a very close team where your grade is not the priority, it's the team environment, working together to achieve the best outcome for the patient.

What have been your most enjoyable experiences in your career?

When a patient stands for the first time or when they take their first few steps after a stroke. This is when you see the team’s hard work helping towards the patient recovery and where you can see physiotherapy can make a difference. I have been lucky to have worked in a variety of disciplines, and feel I have been able to bring my experience and knowledge I have gained over the years to the team I work with today. 

What have been the biggest surprises in your career so far?

The biggest surprise was when the CSP steward who covered paediatric teams and adults with learning disabilities team in ABUHB said she was standing down and asked if I would stand to be the next CSP steward. I did, and have never looked back. After being elected as the steward I went on the excellent training provided by the CSP.

How has the CSP helped you in your career?

While at this training I was approached and asked if I was interested in a jobshare role with the current regional steward of Wales. I laughed this off as I had not been a steward for long. When I returned from the training I was contacted again and I said yes. At the next Wales stewards training I was elected by the Welsh stewards.  This meant attending the National Group of Regional Stewards. I am currently the alternate vice chair.

What does the 21st anniversary of CSP associate membership mean to you?

I think this is a milestone and an opportunity for us to move forward and demonstrate what we are capable of not only in our working environment but within the CSP. I would like to see our role grow and look for being registered.