Julie Moss

Julie Moss is a band four physiotherapy assistant working in specialist palliative care in Cornwall.

I was looking for support which was tailored to my role and I found other support agencies didn't completely achieve this. I've been given many opportunities by the CSP to develop and progress as an assistant and as a mentor for my colleagues. 

What career aspirations did you have for when you left school? Did you know what you wanted to do?

I have always wanted to work in the caring profession and fortunately I've been able to follow my ambition. I have worked in many areas of physiotherapy over the years, and in palliative care for ten years. I find this particular role the most rewarding of all the services I have worked in.

What have been your most enjoyable experiences in your career? 

There have been many enjoyable experiences and I think sometimes we are too engrossed in some of the negatives. We're not very good at celebrating the great opportunities and the experiences that can follow. When I attend Physiotherapy UK and have the opportunity to meet other likeminded people working in other areas of the country I always leave inspired.

What have been your biggest surprises in your career so far?

I’m surprised that I continuously still feel the same enthusiasm and drive now as I did at the start of my career. With all the changes and challenges, people constantly surprise me with the dedication they demonstrate on a daily basis.    

Do you have any funny stories to share with us?

I live in Cornwall and getting stuck in traffic usually involves driving behind a slow tractor. But I was a little apprehensive before my first  associate meeting in London. I asked for the postcode for the accommodation I was given and printed off a map so I could walk from the tube station. After a lot of walking up and down the main street I finally found myself outside the Salvation Army Hostel! A gentleman in the hostel kindly pointed out my mistake and I realised it was just a misprint.

What does the 21st anniversary of CSP associate membership mean to you?

It means empowerment and growth as associates. We have been able to showcase how we've developed as individuals, but also as a very valued and essential part of the NHS workforce.

If you could give one message to your peers from what you have learnt in your career, what would it be?

Be prepared to listen, and be interested in others peoples' points of view. Hearing other peoples' experience can lead to enlightenment and opportunities to learn.