Carianne Reynolds

Carianne Reynolds is a technical instructor working with a physiotherapist to run a back care educational programme in the community.

The CSP has helped me so much in my career - I'm grateful they're our union. We can access papers and documents specific to physiotherapy needs. Personally, I have developed since becoming a steward in 2009, representing members and providing support. I also stood for election to the Associates committee, which enables us to shout the voice for associates.

Has your career path been different from the way you expected it to go?

I graduated with a BA Hons in Sport & Education, thinking I would go into teaching but I saw this job and here I stay! Im happy with my career choice. During my childhood, I endured months of physiotherapy - I was aware from a young age how a vital part physiotherapy plays. I'm  paying the service back by sharing my own personal knowledge and experience with all.

What have been your most enjoyable experiences in your career?

When patients are on their recovery journey, it is rewarding to see their progress, not without some setbacks. Highlighting the benefits that physiotherapy brings and seeing the results is very rewarding.

What does the 21st anniversary of CSP associate membership mean to you?

I am very proud that the CSP is celebrating the 21st anniversary. We are a family, and the celebration highlights the inclusion. We are represented and valued, our voice can be heard.

If you could give one message to your peers from what you have learnt in your career, what would it be?

Keep positive in these challenging times, do your best for yourself, your patients and your colleagues.