AQP is not happening in my area

Even if AQP is not currently happening in your area you should make yourself aware of the process and keep up to date with developments.

Information about the AQP process, changing services, commissioning events and national AQP specifications can be found on the Supply2Health website.

You can also sign up to receive AQP opportunity alerts on the provider's page. If you find that you need to prepare for AQP, it may be useful to consider the following questions:

  • Are you using recognised outcome measures?
  • Do you know what patients think about your service?
  • Do you know the unit cost of running your service?
  • Do you effectively promote your service?
  • Have you developed good relationships with local commissioners?
  • Are they aware of your service and its benefits?

Commissioning groups are required to engage with providers when compiling a specification for AQP. Local providers will be able to engage with commissioners, and give general advice on quality and scope of services. But providers may also need to make clear to commissioners that they may also intend to provide those services in that area.