CSP position statement on apprenticeships

The CSP believes that apprenticeships have the potential to provide a new, employer-led pipeline to develop and grow the registered and unregistered physiotherapy workforce in all parts of the UK

Apprenticeships form one way in which physiotherapy workforce development can be increased and sustained how opportunities for members’ career progression can be strengthened at all levels.

However, we are also aware that there are actual or potential pitfalls relating to how apprenticeships are implemented that need to be averted or mitigated. These are set out in this position statement.

Apprenticeship developments are currently further progressed in England than in the other UK countries. We are keen to ensure that learning on apprenticeship development and implementation across the UK is shared, recognising that the apprenticeship structures and processes are different in each.

Download our position statement in full below, along with our guidance documents on the Advanced Clinical Practitioner apprenticeship and our expectations of delivery of the physiotherapist degree apprenticeship.

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