Young Workers Month 2019

November is the TUC Young Workers Month young workers month, an opportunity to give special attention to the young workforce and young trade unionists.


Young workers – generally defined as 27 and under -  are less likely than older people to join a trade union, the figures show. Yet young workers need unions – and unions need young workers. By engaging in unions, young workers strengthen the voice for workers in the workplace now and in the future.

CSP and young workers 

As you start out in your career in physiotherapy, we want to make sure you receive the support you need in the workplace. This website is a great place to start in finding out how we can assist you - and do make sure you read Frontline magazine and the weekly news email. 

We also want you to have every opportunity to get involved in CSP campaigns and be active in the CSP.  We all gain when members become more engaged in our union and professional body. The CSP’s strength is all in our members’ activity. 

The CSP has a relatively young membership compared to other unions and that’s also true for workplace reps: one in six are under the age of 27. 

By becoming a steward, safety reps or workplace contact you are helping your colleagues at work. We in turn help you help them by providing you mentoring, quality training and other support when new to these critical workplace roles. 

By becoming more engaged in the CSP you are also helping yourself: CSP campaigns put you in touch with decision-makers and grow your CPD; our stewards and safety reps report they gain experience and skills career development. 

Here’s some things you can do to help yourself, your work colleagues and the profession.

Five things that you can do

  1. Get some help or advice on a workplace concern. Contact your local steward or safety rep, or check out our written briefings in our workplace hub
  2. Looking for or just begun your first job in physiotherapy?  Check out this resource for newly qualified physiotherapists
  3. Ask a physio / support worker* colleague: are you a member of the CSP? If they are not a member of any union, tell them why you joined and signpost them to our join the CSP section
  4. Find out how you can join the local CSP workplace team and become a steward, safety rep or workplace contact
  5. Get active in CSP campaigns  

*Support workers who undertake some physiotherapy duties are eligible for membership.

For more information, visit TUC's Young Workers month.

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